Time:9am to 4pm

Location: BARDDHAMAN district of WEST BENGAL

The institution is blessed to be enriched with its wide splurge of 2200 plus students coming from different social strata and cultural background---but having a buoyant dream to shine in the core.
The socio-economic background is comprised of the existence of the SC, ST, and MUSLIMS (Forming the BPL category) with their existence being below the average on the general basis. It is mainly for this a certain block persists all the time in the educational activities of the little learners but it has not yet been able to curb the vital urge of the students in the matter of learning despite the economics hurdles. The dwelling area of most of the students is rural – the houses are mostly mud-built, the environment is a little dingy, the roads are contracted though advancement is on the sway. A section belonging to the institution is the first generation learners whose parents are deprived of the ray of knowledge thus failing to guide their sons and daughters themselves in the matter of study.
So it emerges to be a challenging task for the first generation learners to carry on the track of education smoothly. Yet they are not deterred in their aims. They like to participate in different cultural activities like recitation, singing, playing on the stage and even composing just like their own will. It has given the scope of the fecundated cultural craze on a regular basis particularly on the matter of “DANCING” which is inscribed in the great success the institution has achieved so far in the cultural field both in the block region and in the district level. The institution amidst the great socio-economic hurdles expect fervently the graceful glance of the authority concerned for the further advancement of the school in all regards