Time:9am to 4pm

Location: BARDDHAMAN district of WEST BENGAL

Sudpur High School (H.S.), having its victorious emergence as a seed in the tumultuous period of 1914, is now basking in the glory of its post-centenary existence with the aim to swing the heart of the pupils to help them realize their dreams in all regards. In its long march of achieving excellence the Institution had to face much touch-and-go toget at where it is; it had to climb the ladders of different stages to gain the full-fledged entity –from sub-junior to junior; from junior to high and from high to higher-secondary respectively. Amidst great economic hurdles and social constraints of various sorts the seed was first implanted in the form of a ‘ Prathamik Vidyalaya’ in the adjacent portion of Sudpur Playground in 1914 and it later came to be recognized as ‘ Binapani Prathamik Vidyalaya’ . Besides the luminous founder of the institution late Jyotish Chandra Singha - the vital spark behind the entire effort, the local people and the generous learned persons [like provider of the land and the donor late Sugandhapada Bhattacharjee] also extended their helping hands. In 1946, a special branch was opened only for the girls under the guidance of Vamini Ranjan Singha and Amiyabala Mukhopadhyay. In 1956, the institution got the Govt. accreditation. And it was elevated to the status of Madhyamik School in the year 1962. Local people helped a lot in the financial sector for expanding and developing the rooms. The school started receiving regularly, grant from the Sarba-Siksha Abhijan Prakalpa (Burdwan) for building classrooms since 2004. This gave a great stir to the institutional upliftment and the dream came true when it was sanctioned as the ‘Higher Secondary School’ in the year 2009. Now the institutions claims to be enriched with the buoyant splurge of 2200 plus students, its commodious expanse, its laudable foundations with the verve and the luminous crux to materialize the dream of the pupils – the honourable teachers.